Friday, June 1, 2012

so how are YOU doing ?

yes you, I want to know about you !

I mean here I am sharing all about my life on this blog. But what I really want to know is how you are doing. You may be one of my friends or you may not be. That's ok either way because after all if you are not already that just means you could be some day.

In this incredible world of social networking, so many things are different. I am made more aware every single day of how different our world of communications is. I have reached out to so many people in the last 4 years, people I may never meet but I now have a connection to anyway. Because I joined Facebook almost exactly 4 years ago. 
Since then I have gotten support, given support, cried with my friends, laughed with them too. I have celebrated their lives' happy moments and been saddened by their losses. 

How has Social Networking changed your lives ? 

For me, it has allowed me to reconnect with some of my childhood friends and neighbors, no small feat when you live a whole ocean away from them. It has given me a chance at helping some of the people who share a love of greyhounds with me. I may once again never meet them but some of them I do personally know. The thing though is that if any one of us needs help, we are there for each other. I have seen it again and again. It is still happening right now. There are auctions being run, money being given, help in other ways, transportation provided all through the power of the Social Network.

So when the Facebook IPO happened, there were polls taken and the results showed that 51% of adults thought Facebook was a fad and that it too shall pass. 

How could we ever go back ? 

We have seen in the last few years how powerful the network is. It has toppled governments, found organ donors, reunited families. How could we give it all up now ? 

It is the way we make our voices heard in so many ways. Consumers change the way companies do business through it. Companies use it to change the way they do business. Could we ever give that up ?

Despite the constant complaints about the site and the never-ending changes imposed on us, how many of us really left ? well some did and they tried some other form of social networking with variable results. 

So what will social network look like in 4 years ? will Facebook disappear ? will it be replaced by other sites. 
After all MySpace had its glory days and they are now long gone. Google+ has not quite gathered the speed we may have hoped it would. Pinterest, well that's a different type of network, not quite as social. LinkedIn is all or mostly all about business. Twitter is doing amazingly well but I never quite got into it. Too hard for me to sum everything up in 140 characters. I am French, we are known for being wordy. Twitter has however been a great resource for most people and it too has changed the world we live in.

So my friends, what would you do without the Social Network ? could you give it all up and go back to not being in touch with friends, family and people who share your passions 24 hours a day ?

I know I could not go back. Because I want to hear how YOU are doing.

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